All Digital USA is a family owned business.  We have been in the technology business for over a decade.  Prior to our present location, we were located about a block north of the H.E.B. on FM 620 and Anderson Mill.  Our shop was next to the old Noble Pig restaurant.  A year ago we moved because our business was growing and we needed more space.

In addition to repairing computers we also have a varied selection of  used computers.  If you are in the market for a “new” used computer then stop by to look.  Most of our used computer sales are handled on eBay.

We also sell bundled services from DirecTV.  Unlike most DirecTV distributors, we will coordinate the installation of your service, providing you order it from us of course.  This not only saves you time but it also eliminates the frustration of dealing with multiple vendors.  If a problem arises we know who to call and how to resolve it quickly.

We would welcome a visit from you at any time.

Call us at 512-258-8858