Broken Laptop Screens

Accidents happen. Most commonly, laptop screens are broken when something is dropped on them. In other cases, the laptop itself is dropped causing fractured screen. You can’t repair a broken screen, only repair it so it’s time to take it to a professional shop.

A laptop screen is repaired by replacing the current screen with a new one. To do this, you will need to first remove the bezel (plastic frame surrounding the screen). Then you will need to unscrew the metal brackets holding the screen in place. Following that, you will need to unscrew the screen from the brackets. Next, unplug the inverter cable from the inverter and unplug the data cable (flex cable) that goes from the laptop to the screen.

broken laptop screen in austin, cedar park, or round rock texasWith the old screen removed, put the new screen in to place. Do not yet remove any plastic film that is protecting the new screen in case the problem is not solved by the transplant. Plug both wires into the new laptop screen and power up the machine. If the display is properly showing, you are good to go. Remove the plastic film over the screen and begin screwing the laptop screen into the brackets on each side. Once the screen is held in place by the brackets, screw the brackets into the back cover of the laptop. Finally, replace the bezel and any screws that hold it in place.

The laptop screen repair procedure is slightly different from laptop to laptop. Some laptops use a screwless bezel that is held in place by plastic clips. These bezels need to be carefully removed so as to not break off the plastic latches. Once they are broken off, the bezel will not hold in place properly. Older laptops tend to have bezels with many screws (4 to 8) hidden under small round screw covers. You will need to remove the covers and then the screws before peeling off the bezel.

In some rare cases, usually with HP laptops or Sony Vaios, you will not be able to remove the bezel surrounding the laptop screen without first removing the screen entirely from the bottom assembly of the laptop. This requires a more thorough disassembly of the laptop, and additional time.

If you have a broken screen, call us and we’ll repair it professional and guarantee our work.

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